Math Department

Assessment and Effectiveness

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Faculty and advisors monitor students’ progress and satisfaction through such traditional indicators as GPA, enrollment numbers, retention, senior surveys at graduation and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) results, Educational Testing Services Math Majors Field Test (Math majors), appropriate Praxis testing (Math Education Majors), Value Added Skills Assessment (General), and required periodic one-on-one meetings with students. Other quantitative and qualitative indicators, such as the number and quality of undergraduate research projects undertaken by majors, are tracked and analyzed to assess the execution of program goals.


  1. Employ mathematical techniques in computational problems.
  2. Students will interpret mathematical models.
  3. Construct quantitative, logical arguments.
  4. Students will apply mathematical knowledge to real world problems.
  5. Communicate in the mathematical language through the use of proper notation and terminology.
  6. Students will explore and analyze mathematical concepts, using technology as appropriate.

The level of sophistication and maturity of thinking expected of university students in the area of mathematics must extend their aptitude for quantitative reasoning beyond routine problem solving.  This reasoning will allow the student to handle problem situations of greater complexity and diversity and lead them to an ability to mathematically analyze ideas both within and outside of mathematics.

Mathematics and Mathematics Education Degrees

Effective Spring 2011, Utah Tech now offers two new degrees in Mathematics and Mathematics Education.  We are excited about the new opportunities these two degrees will bring to the Math Department, the students, and the community. As part of an open-door admissions institution, the Department offers a broad spectrum of mathematics classes that are useful for skill levels from developmental to other selected four-year degree requirements. The Mathematics faculty is dedicated to providing opportunities that promote student success.

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