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If you are interested in a Mathematics degree or minor, contact the math advisor Kathie Ott at 435-879-4253 for more information and/or to set up an educational plan.

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Not all classes are offered every semester. Please check the course offering schedule to properly plan for your endorsement class schedule.

BA/BS Mathematics

Math majors will develop basic computational skills, mathematical processes, and knowledge that leads to real-life applications, modeling and problem-solving. This degree helps students’ master mathematical competencies for future careers in areas such as Cryptographer, Statistician, operations research analyst, algorithms engineer, or market researcher.

Mathematics Degree

BA/BS Applied & Computational Mathematics

With three emphases in Actuarial Science, Data Analytics, or Scientific Computing, we will prepare students for a wide range of job opportunities. Students with an emphasis in Actuarial Science will be prepared for a broad array of employment as mathematicians, actuaries, operations research analysts, statisticians, and jobs in the education sector.

Applied & Computational Mathematics Degree

BA/BS Mathematics Education

Math Education majors will prepare to teach mathematical concepts to students at intermediate, middle or high schools.

Mathematics Education Degree

Mathematics Education Minor

Learn more about the requirements needed to complete a Mathematics Education Minor.

Mathematics Education Minor

Mathematics Minor

View the requirements needed for completing a Minor in Mathematics.

Mathematics Minor

Math Education

Utah Tech University also offers the Math Endorsement for Secondary Education. The following are help links for endorsement students:

Endorsement Levels

Endorsement Checklist

For more information, contact the Math Department at (435) 652-7984.


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